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Lebanese food

Kabsa (كبسة بالدجاج), this dish is originally a gulf meal but our country has change it to a Lebanese version. So easy so good. I hope u like

   Ingredients: servers 5-6 

·       Whole chicken

·       4- cups rice (golden rice brand name)

·       4- tomatoes (finely chopped)

·       1- green pepper (finely chopped)

·       4- carrot (finely chopped)

·       1- big onion (finely chopped)

·       4- cloves garlic

·       Salt, allspice, kabsa spice( you can find the kabsa spice at Arabic stores)   

·        3 ½  cup Water

·       ¼ cup of canola oil


 Start with boiling the chicken in seasoned water, in the meantime start chopping the vegetables and sautéing them with canola oil in a deep pot on a   medium heat until the veggies is softened. Then add salt, allspice, kabsa spice and mix them good. Rinse the rice add them to the pot stir them and add the water, bring to boil and cover it. Let it simmer in a low heat for about 15-20 min. Serves with the chicken on top of the rice. Thank you and please enjoy         



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